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LASER Z Updates

MAR 21, 2020

LIV Mixed Reality Support

Calling all Streamers, YouTubers and Content Creators, we are really, really exited to announce full LIV Mixed Reality Support.

Set up your camera, load up Laser Z and let the good times roll. We’ve had a blast adding LIV support and have got carried away recording ourselves to see who can finish a level looking the coolest.

Look for some our play videos to be uploaded shortly and we can’t wait to see what you can do.

A huge shoutout to Dr Doom and the LIV team for a great product and fantastic support.

We are currently working on World 7 and excited about the new challenges it brings. We are targeting a mid April release.

    MAR 08, 2020

    Ring of Fire

    It’s been a little while since our last update but finally we are ready with World 6 – Ring of Fire. This world contains some of our most creative and challenging levels requiring us to spend extra time to get them right.

    This update brings the total number of levels in World Mode to 58.

    Updates in this release:

    • World 6 with 10 all new levels
    • Introduction of the first Power Down – Instant Death
    • A new boss – Green Boss – to battle with
    • New music for World 4
    • Defender Mode has been tweaked to make it more challenging and fun!

    Bug fixes in this release:

    • The freezing between screen transitions has been fixed.

    Feb 01,2020

    Welcome to the Dome

    Update 0.1.4 introduces a new game play mode – Defender Mode.  Enter the dome and see how long you can survive.  The dome has a number of cube ejectors, that appear overtime, that fire cubes right at you.  Not only do you have to defend yourself, but miss one cube and it’s game over!

    Jan 01, 2020

    Happy New Year – Welcome to the Hangar

    Update 0.1.3 has hit Steam bringing the numbers of worlds to 5!.  Introducing the hangar –  World 5 introduces cubes that disappear and fade.  The challenge is ramped up.  A variety of challenges over the 10 levels of World 5 will keep you on your toes.